What If I Stop Drinking Coffee?

What If I Stop Drinking Coffee

What If I Stop Drinking Coffee

What If I Stop Drinking Coffee?

I never thought I would stop drinking coffee. I never intended to stop drinking coffee. At one point my life got so busy that I forgot to drink coffee for one day. I was ready to make a cup of coffee to help relieve my headache but then I thought, “What if I stop drinking coffee?” And that’s how it all started.

It has been some time since I’ve written an original article that wasn’t an interview or someone else’s writing. I’m glad to be back doing this. I’ve been working on Tru.Works’ brand more and setting up different features like the store, podcasting, and different social media channels for Tru.Works. During this time I’ve been working on other projects like helping open up restaurants from my other job and vacation time.

It was during that busy season where I dropped coffee. It was weird, but I just stopped. I’ve been hoping for this moment to come to my life forever but it seemed as if it would never happen until finally I got back from my Los Angeles trip and just chose not to have coffee for breakfast.

Let me backtrack briefly. I’ve been drinking coffee since I was ten. I always give out the number ten because honestly, I can’t remember when I first drank coffee, it’s been that long. I knew I was very young and during the age of ten, I know for sure that coffee was a regular morning tradition in my household.

Caffeine has been part of my morning regimen since I’ve been young. Since I’ve begun taking my health more seriously I knew coffee had to go eventually. I just never had enough reason to let it go. Neither did I have a situation come up that was perfect timing to let go of my coffee addiction.

Until right after my Los Angeles trip. I wasn’t able to get coffee the day I had to head back to New York City. I have no idea and can’t remember how I was unable to get coffee- actually, now I remember. That day I had my last coffee, and I had no idea I did. I was so jetlagged the next day that I didn’t even want coffee. I skipped breakfast and spent the whole day at home.

What happens when I stop drinking coffee?

My brain was in pain, I had such a headache due to the lack of coffee caffeine but I could only think of how this moment would be the only chance I’d get to get off coffee and I wouldn’t get another perfect opportunity like this in another twenty years. So I took it.

I had 2 months worth of caffeine headaches. I felt drowsy and cranky. I didn’t know how much coffee had affected my mood until I went through this withdrawal. It felt like I could smell coffee beans miles away and that I could taste coffee in my mouth as soon as I woke up.

I didn’t realize how that daily cup of coffee had controlled my mood and personality every day. I’ve always tried to justify my coffee intake. My excuses were always that I had been drinking coffee almost all my life or that science has now proven coffee can actually be good for you but there is one thing that coffee had always done to me that no science could ever write against it and that’s that coffee will dehydrate you.

I’ve been dehydrated and suffering from dehydration since I was young. I had remembered I was so dehydrated at one point that I had gotten sick enough to have to stay home from school for a week. If my memory serves me right I was in fourth grade. Since then I’ve had constant nose bleeds, and lightheadedness. I’ve written a whole article of my dehydration issues and you know what, I’ve realized that coffee wasn’t helping me at all.

Now since I stopped drinking coffee, I’m done spending money on coffee which is great. I also don’t get dehydrated anymore. I am free from feeling dry inside and outside. My skin had started to heal and get more supple since I stopped drinking coffee and I sleep better.

Speaking of skin, I found another article by Sacha Trebe who also shares her journey of going coffee free!

It absolutely makes no sense to me but then again all my health issues add up now because of coffee. Now I used to drink more than one cup a day, but never more than 3. I’ll admit, I’m a fan of espresso drinks but as soon as I drink a sip I can feel the water from my body being absorbed by the espresso. I had no idea it was that bad until these last two months.

I went through about two weeks of hating myself and needing a constant reminder of why I needed coffee out of my system. I had headaches, cravings, and I ate more sugar also. I was tired, the most tired I had ever been. I even took naps. But you know what, after those 2 weeks, I began to get my normal self back. A new form of energy came upon me. I was now becoming my regular self.

Two months later, I drink an occasional decaf drink, and afterward, I just feel as if I wasted my money and dehydrated. I still eat a lot of sweets which is the next stone I want to turn, and yet I feel more myself than ever before.

I’m not controlled by coffee anymore. I drink more juices, and water now. I also feel better knowing that something like coffee or soda in general, since I don’t drink Coca-Cola anymore, isn’t in control of my body. If anyone here is interested in getting off of coffee, I say just pick a day and do it. If quitting coffee is something you truly want to do then go for it and get it done.

I’m at the age now where the idea of having kids is coming closer and closer to reality and I don’t want to be addicted to caffeine while I’m pregnant. This is why to me getting rid of the daily cup of coffee was necessary and I’m so happy I’ve done so. Will I go back to coffee? Maybe after I have children, and maybe not but until then I’m good feeling more in control of myself, my mood, and my finances, with coffee less involved in my life.

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