What I Hope Heaven is Like

What I Hope Heaven is Like
©Dan Chung 2014

Heaven has always been stored in my daydreams. I’ve let heaven take over me and heaven has let me put in clouds wherever I wanted to. When I think of heaven I feel and see so many things and I get overwhelmed by what I imagine heaven could be like.

When I die, I know I will be received by Christ and I’ll get to hug Him and enjoy that moment where all my heart will have is peace. I swear that I can see myself among the clouds and after Christ greets me I can see myself suddenly be alone begin to stare out at the vast amount of clouds.

Suddenly, behind me, I hear footsteps (I’m not sure if when you step on clouds if it makes a noise but I can only imagine what I know here on Earth to be true) and I feel as if the first person to find me will be my husband. That’s important because it means he’ll die before me.

I’m in a shock because I’ve missed him for many years and when I turn around to face those footsteps I have found my husband run toward me and will embrace me tightly. When my eyes meet his, I realized he hasn’t aged a bit. I can see on his face that as he pulls away from the hug he gave me that he has tears of joy in his eyes and I can tell he’s excited to show me everything about heaven.

That gets me excited, but before he can show me anything I can hear in the lights behind me that a familiar voice is yelling my name. It just so happens that I turn around and my family comes to greet me. This is assuming I’m the last to die from my immediate family but this is so important to me because I know that in heaven is when I’ll get to enjoy my family being all together and peaceful with one another.

There’s such a joy in my heart when I get hugged by my brother and sisters and see their happiness glow from their eyes and smiles. They have forgotten all their hurts and issues of Earth and it’s as if we only remember beautiful memories.

The last person I need to find is my father. He’s the one person I’m so concerned for his salvation more than any of my family members. That’s where I skip forward to my husband showing me around and teaching me what heaven is all about.

I see clouds, rainbows of colors, and animals everywhere. At least I hope so. I imagine that whales will float over me and make whale noises that echo in heaven while fish and birds swim and fly past me and enjoy the light God has in heaven. I also believe there will be a lot of water flowing around. Water will be just everywhere for all of us to enjoy and relax in.

The most important thing that my husband will show me is leading me in worship to God. It’ll be so much fun and we will look at each other and smile at each other a smile in which we both understand that all our strife and work can end now and we can now be at peace.

When I think of Heaven and the embrace I’ll receive from family and friends when I pop up there I find a relief down here at earth. To know that all this will be over and I’ll be able to finally sit and enjoy God’s wonders has me draw a deep breath when I’m on the train.

When I’m in a bad place with my husband I breathe deeply and think of heaven. When I am crying while heading to work over the amount of stress I’ve been given for the week I think of heaven. I always look to the trees, sky, and the light for assurance that all of this will end for all of us one day soon.

Heaven is in my heart. Even if I’ve never experienced heaven I have read about it and I know I can enjoy the little peace oh heaven I have in my imagination. I’ll probably be wrong but it doesn’t hurt to use Heaven to get myself to sleep or to relieve myself of the weight on my shoulders before I burst into tears.

In heaven, I hope to enjoy my family and friends, catch up and laugh at silly things we did on Earth. I also hope to dance and play games and sing songs while enjoying Christ and his beauty. Even as I write this post I find that I’m happy. I’m happy that I’m able to daydream into heaven whenever I need to.

Although Heaven is oh so far to me it can also be nearby in my thoughts. I’ve accepted that at any moment I could lose Earth and be ascended into heaven. I know that this will happen without my consent and so prior to my release into sweet heaven I’ve made it a goal to create memories on earth so that I have something to talk to God about when I see Him.

I’m also not in a rush to get into heaven because I want to make memories on Earth for heaven.

I believe there is heaven on Earth and it comes from us. From our actions to our imagination we can broadcast heaven to everyone and anyone who wants a piece of heaven. We can all be peaceful and

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