When Good Times Change 😓

Weeks can go by and both of you are enjoying each other in your relationship. The sex is great, the laughs are hilarious and the time spent is amazing. Little to no arguments are happening and every day is like a movie. You just get each other lately.

People wonder how you guys do it and they remember the other day you guys were both yelling at each other but today you both seem perfectly fine! But, everyone knows that relationships have their ups and their downs. You can both be on top of the world and then the next moment be caught fighting each other in the valley.

It’s wild to think that yesterday you guys were great and today you or your spouse said the one thing to set the other off and all eggs (hell) breaks loose.

See, good times come and go but it is possible to keep them coming and it takes one person to do it. You can be in the heat of an argument and your spouse may be on the verge of walking out on you and that’s where you stop them.

Breathe and stop your spouse from leaving. Talk calmly and apologize. Remind them that life is short, and this argument isn’t the end of the world. We’ll make it through this. Whatever it is.

Whether you’ve been together 5 years or 5 months arguments come and go. You’re not going to love each other everyday but you can at least support and be kind to each other until the loves comes back. This is reality. Relationship die out and then the flame returns once again after the arguments

Arguments are a chance for you both to learn how to communicate better with each other. In the middle of almost killing each other it’s hard to remember that but it only takes one person to settle the disagreement. Is it going to be you, or are you going to wait for your spouse to do it?

If you’re reading this article today,. most likely it has to be you to do it. Call up your partner now and apologize, even if you’re right and move on. go out to each or watch a Redbox DVD.

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  1. Eghehan Francis (@mcfran6)
    February 13, 2017

    Insightful. Most times the burn out comes in such insignificant issues that we are caught unawares. These tips will do great good.


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