Pray Like Jesus

When in Doubt Pray to Jesus to Remove Unwanted Thoughts
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Grace To Heal

~A Prayer

When the world around us is shaking, when betrayal lies in the darkness of the hearts of men, when these things beat down upon our souls, when the path is rocky, and every place is treacherous, every footstep unknown.

The soul becomes vengeful, suspicions fill our minds, doubt becomes our enemies greatest weapon. Forgiveness becomes a stranger to our lips, darkness slowly shuts out the light from our eyes, the soul cries out in the dark, “Let me live, let me live, I will not die, I will be more than this slave to my flesh that I have become!”

Jesus, my Savior, redeem me from my sin, lift my heart from this miry pit, free me from this unforgiveness. Let your blood wash me of my sin, free me from these chains, let me live again.

Quench these fiery darts that assail my rest, and rebuke the devourer as he seeks my life.

Let your Holy Spirit cleanse me of this wickedness, breathe your life into my soul and lead me into forgiveness, lead me to peace, fill my heart with your presence. Your Holy Spirit bringing rest to my soul and guide me to love again.

I am a vessel to Your Holy Spirit, a branch of Jesse bearing the Fruit of your Spirit, fill me with Your supernatural presence, Your love, Your joy, Your peace, Your patience, Your kindness, Your goodness, Your faithfulness, Your gentleness and self-control. So that I will not be overcome by the temptations and fears of the world, but through Your strength, courage and wisdom, we are more than overcomers through Christ Jesus that strengthens us.

I could do nothing with my anger, I could do nothing to bring understanding to others or change their hearts. I could do nothing with the anxiety and the turmoil that your revelation of knowledge caused me.

But You have rescued me Father, You My Lord Jesus, You my ever-present comfort, Holy Spirit. You have given me peace where there was none, rest for my soul, and life to my flesh

Washing away the darkness of poisonous unforgiveness and bitterness, cleansing my soul and my flesh with the blood of Jesus and the light of Your love.

I have learnt that in the darkest hours we will find the brightest light of Christ Jesus. I have made many mistakes over my life, I believe one of the greatest was to lose sight of the love of Jesus for myself but especially His undeserved Grace for everyone. I have received grace from the Father freely and without my deserving His love. I am compelled to give grace to others as He has given grace to me.

Grace does not give permission to hurtful and abusive behavior, it does bring freedom, it will bring strength, and grace for others will increase the peace that we walk in. Loving our enemies is one of the hardest responses that will be asked of us, however it will bring a maturity and spiritual strength that will stand in the days of evil.

So, let Jesus be;

A lamp to the feet, a light unto the heart.

No longer darkness.

His blood to overcome armies.

His words to tear down strongholds.

Set the captives free.

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