When Keeping Fit is a Struggle

When Keeping Fit is a Struggle
©Ryan McGuire 2015

No matter how much you try, if you do at all, your fat stays exactly where it’s been for years. I mean you’re not looking to be a model but at least be healthy and look better. No matter how much you work out you’re only going to get fitter and fitter but your health is not up to you. No matter the vegetables you eat and the “detoxing” you do there’s no guarantee you’ll live longer than the most sedentary woman alive or the fittest man alive.

One way for sure to keep yourself healthy is to give up your health to God. Giving up your health to God means believing that Christ is your Lord and Savior and what he did was for you. After Christ was crucified you then received Jesus’ righteousness (the quality of being morally right or justifiable) and Jesus took your sins, our sins from the past, future, and present.

Do all you can do to keep your body fit but don’t take upon getting stressed about fitness. Stress is the biggest killer and is way more effective at damaging our bodies than eating a bag of chips ever will be.

Ask yourself, is Jesus sick? Is Jesus strong?  Is Jesus smart? You see all these things Jesus is and more. He is healthy, smart and strong which means you are too. He gave you what is His.

Another way to declare your health to God and build your faith is to take communion. Some people will tell you that communion is special and you shouldn’t take it all the time. Take communion whenever you want. Whenever you feel you want to be reminded of the sacrifice of Jesus for you. Communion restores your body and mind. It reminds us of Jesus’ sacrifice and it’s a rejuvenation for anyone who takes it. You can buy the (unleavened) bread in a local Christian store and you can take wine or apple juice. It really isn’t about the product but the meaning behind them.

No matter how hard you try running or working out your health is not up to those actions. Your health is with God. It doesn’t mean that if you get cancer God gave that to you. God would never hurt you. Declare cancer gone and remind yourself of Christ’s work. You will be healed!

Keep working out, let out some steam. Remember your salvation. Jesus is your righteousness and when you believe you are the righteousness in Christ and you confess your salvation when you are sick you are healed. You will be delivered.

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