When Your Day Ends Badly

When Your Day Ends Badly
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My husband and I like to make the most out of the days we have together. We’re pretty busy people and so we believe in making every moment count when we’re together. Yesterday we had a wonderful day, we didn’t argue and we enjoyed each other’s company especially while we ended the night watching Suicide Squad. We’ve been looking forward to watching Suicide Squad and laughed so much together even though I was suffering from a summer cold.

Even though our lives aren’t perfect and we could be better off in many places in our lives it’s these moments where I can say I truly love my husband and we remember wy we’re fighting and working hard every day.

In the day to day grind, we always forget that our lives are not guaranteed to last until the next day. Any second you can have your last breath and how you left your spouse behind in the morning while heading out for work is the last thing you get to say to them forever.

I’m the type of girl that hates to argue and I hate making my husband mad. It’s as if I’m in trouble and I just hate that feeling and my goal is to enjoy every second I have with him because I live every day acknowledging that he might not be here tomorrow, and I could get hit by a taxi or cyclist at any moment in this city.

I’m sharing this because, at the end of our night, we walked home after watching Suicide Squad and ran a couple errands and then headed home and hopped in the shower together.

My husband and I shower together a lot and I think it’s a habit we formed because we never have time where we just focus on each other beside the shower. Nothing sexual has to happen we just enjoy each other’s presence in the bathroom without the distraction of the phone, people, television, or anything else for that matter.

This time, our shower was different. We had no idea that while we were laughing and in deep conversation that someone was in our kitchen listening to our conversation.

I finished my shower first and so I dried myself off, wrapped the towel around my body, and like normal I walk out the bathroom like normal when I hear the stove trying to turn itself on.

Instantly I knew that the stove can’t do that to itself and that someone has to turn the knob on the stove to turn it out and when I peered around the corner there’s some kid looking at me, in my kitchen!

I yelled, “Yo!”

I have no idea why “yo” came out but it did.

The boy put his finger up to his mouth while holding one of my forks with the other and asked me to be quiet.

I ran back into the bathroom and locked the door and told my husband someone was in the kitchen and he came through the back door which we left unlocked.

My husband and I were naked. 

We had no clothing and no weapons and so my husband wrapped the towel around himself and locked me in the bathroom and he looked for the boy. I went out and heard him downstairs in our room. I told my husband that he was downstairs and I went back in the bathroom.

I heard my husband yelling at the kid and the boy was pleading with my husband to let him go. The kid was drunk. He was so drunk that he didn’t know where he was and what he was doing.

My husband kicked him out and I’ll admit I was then scared and praying in the bathroom that my husband would be alright and be left unharmed. We’ve been robbed before but never did we think it could happen again.

Luckily, this kid was so drunk and out of it that technically we robbed him. He took absolutely nothing but left behind two cell phones, his wallet and keys. What an idiot. To me, it seemed like he was hungry and was trying to cook in out apartment.

What an idiot.

This event really shook my husband and I up because we’ve talked about what we’d do if this situation were to come up. He’d have my put away and he’d have to yell.

I’ve always joked about situations that could come up like this where you could be faced with an intruder, naked and what would we do. Well, it happened.

This is exactly why I like to spend every moment I can with my husband. You never know what could happen. This kid ruined our night. We had many laughs and created memories that are now overshadowed by this kid’s actions.

We’re grateful that it was a young boy that entered our house who didn’ want problems. He ended up giving us about ten bucks and two phones to sell, so we appreciate that.

The whole pint of this story is that we could have stayed upset, angry, or frightened but we gave up our feelings and let it go to God because what else could we do.

There was a possibility this kid could come back looking for his stuff but, would we have stayed up all night and waited? No. He doesn’t deserve our energy.

I thanked my husband and made sure he was alright. Now he didn’t sleep all night but he was fine. I slept but probably because I’ve had a summer cold for four days and I just was going to end up sleeping anyway.

To that kid that did that to us, you’re so lucky we didn’t keep you in the house and called the cops on you. You’re like fifteen years old. You need to go home. God, I just want my future son to cling to his father when he’s that age. It’s too dangerous leaving your children go our and do whatever they want.

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    January 6, 2017

    Greetings! Very helpful advice within this post! It is
    the little changes which will make the most
    significant changes. Many thanks for sharing!


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