6 Women Sane Men Should Stay Away From

©Ryan McGuire 2015
©Ryan McGuire 2015

Believe it or not, there’s a scale that men use to measure women when they see them. There are 6 types of women they watch out for and if you’re one of them, get out of that category! It could be the reason why a guy was interested in you but now ignores you after learning more about you. If you do attract someone who loves you, you can’t stay one of these types or it won’t work. This actually will be more of help to men than women.

The Woman Who Lacks Confidence

This scale starts with the least destructive to the most destructive woman. This woman here doesn’t believe in herself. She also usually doesn’t take good care of herself by eating a lot of junk and probably doesn’t exercise. Although some look good with all that junk. She can be taken advantage of and pushed around without any say. She will attract men who “never have money” and use her money instead, or men who need to control someone and control her.

The Flirtatious Mistress

She’s every man’s friend and doesn’t have many or any girlfriends. She takes good care of herself and is rumored to have been around the block. She isn’t trustworthy but claims to be. She attracts men who’ve been hurt in the past and men who need a quick “fix”.  She’s easy to spot.

The Ratchet

This woman is out of control. She’s not crazy but disrespectful. She’s up to date in trends or fads but probably is poor and bad with money. She is not ashamed to tell your business to the public (Facebook rants) and her anger is out of this world. No one can contain this woman she’s borderline crazy. I’ll give her one thing, she doesn’t give up on her man unless you cheat on her. She can be obsessive. She does attract men who are bad with money and men who can put up with the abuse for some fun. In a short while, the man will snap and leave. This woman will find a way to get you back.

Crazy Lady

She’s the woman that is over the edge. She’s crazy. She’ll have a parrot on her shoulders or 8 cats in her house. She has lost her mind but is physically still available. She doesn’t take care of herself and can have missing teeth. This woman attracts other crazy men who are willing to put all that to the side for their low self-esteem.

The Super Feminist

This woman doesn’t let any man be a gentleman. She can open her own doors and pay her own bills. She’s well dressed and intelligent but lacks the concept that men like to take care of their women. She’ll attract men that like a challenge but will push them away because they can’t be a man with her.

The Manipulative Shrew

This woman is the craziest but the most intelligent. The 5 before were probably never taught to be another way but this woman here is devilish. If you have money, she’ll plot to have it. She will try to kill you all while acting like a perfect woman. No woman is perfect and she’s a seductress. She traps men with money, possibly older and lonely. Before you know it’s too late.

No sane man would stick with these ladies for long. These women are usually used or stuck with odd men. Get yourself out of these categories or men will steer clear from your path.

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