Who I Believe I Am Today

Who I Think I Am Today
Who I Think I Am Today
©Valeria Zoncoll 2017

In high school, I was cool. Strong and daring were my middle name. Trying new things was fun and I expected great things in my future. I believed I would be the very best that no one ever was.

I remember I believed I would be historic, and famous. To change the lives of many people was my goal and that I would be wealthy and have a wonderful life. To be a mother and wife and lead my own business into a success is what I want.

I believe in my dream

I have dreamt this dream since I was 16 years old. The funny thing is many of these things are true of my today. I’m a wife, I moved to New York City, the city of my dreams, and had a great job and I even had a second job. I started Tru.Works, and I had checked off everything off my list except one thing. That one thing was that my husband and I didn’t and still can’t afford our own place in the city.

Just this one missing thing in my life had led me to begin into a spiral of negative thoughts. Looking back now I can’t believe all that I had and I can’t believe how I ruined a lot of it.

My negative thoughts led me to lose my main income job, move out of my dream borough, lose my confidence, my health, and happiness. I lived a year like this.

I had to change my thoughts

I’m a big believer in what you think of yourself and your future will come to pass. It’s true. I began to believe the wrong thing. What you think abut will come to pass. I had always thought about my debt and thinking about it hasn’t helped a single bit. It’s actually made my debt worse.

Are you worried about what your kids will eat all the time? If that’s the case, you will eventually find yourself running out of food more and more. Are you thinking about people trying to manipulate you or steal from you all the time? If that’s also the case, you’ll find that you will lose money and more and more people will lie to you.

Have you ever thought about something so much and wanted something so bad that when it did happen it was shocking that it came true? The reason it came true is that you focused on it. You imagined what it would be like if you had that thing or if you talked to that person.  You ever stopped thinking about it.

I got angry that I changed my views of life just because something didn’t go my way. There are a lot of things I still want to do and experience and if I believe that they’re not going to happen anyway then why do I even try to do anything?

I believe where I’m getting at is that either you can believe it will happen or not. Which would you rather do every day? I rather imagine checks in the mail, future vacations, my dream car, my dream condo than believing it’ll never ever happen. It’s just depressing not to.

I can accomplish more

Besides that opinion, I believe that if I went back to thinking good thoughts about myself and what I can accomplish then I will accomplish more. So I’m going to believe good things. I will believe I will be my own boss, and run my own business. I believe I will be successful and create things that people need.

I’m going to believe every day that I will be a great mother. I will even go as far as imagining my children and how they will look and the vacations we will take together. I’m going to imagine every day that my husband and I are happy and wealthy and able to do anything our hearts desire.

Wastimg my life thinking anything less of myself or what I can do is pointless. I’m only going to good things. The energy in my mind will be placed out into the universe. God works with my energy. My faith in good things will only excite Him to bring them to pass.

What about you? Do you also want to try along with me? Do you also want to think best in your life with me?

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