Why Does He Keep Lying to Me?

Womp womp, you can track his location and you can catch him in his lies but he just keeps on coming up with new excuses and lies about his whereabouts. What gives? Stop lying to me.

Now it’s to the point that you lost your trust or you don’t see your husband the same way anymore. You think. We’re supposed, to be honest with each other so stop lying to me.

See, you keep pointing fingers at him but that and is pointing back at you. Girl, you didn’t realize how crazy you are? You are so crazy that your man has to lie to you so that he won’t get that crazy end of you. What I mean is that anytime your man is honest with you, you attack him. You get crazy.

Men are sensitive beings whether you believe it or not. They don’t like getting yelled at, they hate being judged and can’t stand a crazy lady. They rather sleep on their roof than be in the same room as you acting all crazy in the house.

When you speak to any man especially yours, practice control in your conversation. Breathe, and relax. If you need to leave the room before exploding then leave the room. If you’re both out of control with your emotions then give each other a break and eat or get ice cream.

At the end of the day why yell at each other and have a problem with communication when you can be enjoying each other instead?

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