Why I Need to Set Goals in 2017

Why I Need to Set Goals in 2017
Why I Need to Set Goals in 2017

Woohoo! It’s half way through the month of January and I’ve seen many posts all over the internet about how great everyone’s year has been compared to 2016. This is a positive outlook many people have and I’ve found that it won’t last past March and in March is when we’ll see the complaints about 2017 pick up.

The reality of why 2016 was a bad year for many people is because you had resolutions or goals that were unrealistic or poorly planned. How the year goes depends on how you planned for it. You must be intentional about the outcome of your year.

Becoming intentional about your year means that you plan ahead and prepare for your year. Here are a few examples on how to prepare for several resolutions and goals that are usually made at the beginning of the year.

Health Goals

I can’t stress enough, write enough, and banter enough about how to make the correct health goals for yourself. You are the only person who knows their body more than a trainer, or physician. I’ll use myself as an example. I have to drink a specific amount of water, twice as much as most people- or risk myself getting dehydrated and fainting. It’s winter in New York City and if I don’t have 6 to 8 liters of water every day I will become dizzy and faint.

I am a prime example about how I shouldn’t overwork myself if I haven’t had enough water to run treadmill but that doesn’t mean I use that as an excuse to not keep fit. I’ve learned this about myself after making 2016 the last year I would hate my body image. I intentionally decided to do something about my body. I chose to do something small.

In 2015 I chose to control my eating habits. It took a  year to understand that I was overeating and eating whenever I felt lonely. I chose to control my eating habits because I knew that no matter how much I worked out I would overeat because of the extra calories I would burn.

The biggest mistake in setting goals that people make, especially in health, is they choose to conquer cities instead of attacking villages- one village at a time.

What I mean by this is that instead of making 2017 the year you change your diet, lose 30 pounds, and make your butt bigger- start at the beginning. Start with controlling your food and take your time.

While I learned to control my food I learned that I was highly susceptible to dehydration, and urinary tract infections because of my severe dehydration issues. I’m the girl who can get a random nosebleed in Winter and can’t drink alcohol without a glass of water right after. It’s a buzzkill.

When you control your bad food habits then you can expect results in your new workout regimen. When you control your food intake, you’ll also notice a drop in weight and have the extra motivation to begin working out. When you begin your new fitness routine I’ll ask of you to not set a weight goal. Weight goals are quite disappointing for beginners. Instead, choose to make a lifestyle change. You can check out my articles in the health section of Tru.Works Blog or check out the How You Really Lose Weight to begin your 2017 health goals right!

Financial Goals

Everyone wants to make more money each year and that’s a smart goal to have. Everyone’s tired of being broke. Having no money was one of the biggest complaints I saw in 2016 and this usually happens because people spend more than what they make. The secret to saving money for your trips, new apartment, or for whatever you want in 2017 is to increase your income.

Increasing your income can be challenging but it’s the only way to begin saving money and being financially steady. If you’re being paid $12 an hour, how can you double your income this year? You can work on a raise, or begin creating and selling a product. There are many entrepreneurs who can teach you how to increase your income and my favorite of all is Grant Cardone.

When you increase your income you can then take the vacations and travels you oh so want to take in 2017.

Other Goals

Learning a new language, taking a dance class, and taking photography classes are all things I would love to do. Losing weight and increasing my income has brought me the confidence and financial stability I needed to be able to do these things. These small but important skill goals are great to tackle in the year because they’re refreshing. It’s great to try new things.

There are also psychological or religious resolutions people want to conquer and that includes things like becoming less angry, reading the Bible more or getting closer to Jesus. Those are all great things to do!

I find that tackling one thing at a time is the true secret to conquering goals. Don’t choose to lose 20 pounds or save $3000, but instead, plan on eating better and then once you have gained control over your food then plan a new fitness regime. Why save $3000 when you can focus on increasing your income by $3000 than save that money?

My success in fitness and business has all come froperfecting one thing at a time.

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