Why My Heart Belongs to Japan

Tru.Works has a heart for many countries. Ecuador, Puerto Rico and Israel are a few to name but our heart goes crazy for Japan or 日本.

Why My Heart Belongs to Japan
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Slowly, we hope to translate every article into Japanese for Japan so that we can reach this country from America. You may be asking, “Why Japan?” Well, Japan has 127.3 million people on their island as of 2013 and only about 1 million to two million are Christian.

This matters to Tru.Works because we are a christian faith-based organization. We are non-denominational and are strictly about Jesus and the Word of Daddy God. It breaks our hearts knowing that in Japan suicide is a normal action to see or hear about in the news. In 2014, 25,000 people lost their lives to suicide. It doesn’t beat South Korea’s numbers but it is still heartbreaking.

The owner of Tru.Works has been fascinated with the culture and traditions of Japan and understands that the only way to get the Word through to the Japanese people is with complete respect to their culture and customs.

Japan is a beautiful country with a long and extensive history. The people of Japan were secluded for hundreds of years and today (opinion-based) still have the personality of where they can handle their problems on their own.

Unfortunately, with this mentality God will step out of your life, whether your Japanese or not, and will let you handle your life on your own.

Japan suffers through economic hard-times, earthquakes, gang violence and more just like any other country. For example, today Paris was attacked at a theater and over 100 people were murdered.

I find that a lot of people have the same opinion about the people of Japan and that they won’t listen to or are hard headed about Christianity. christianity is accepted in Japan. Christianity is not banned in Japan and anyone is able to go to church and believe in Jesus if they want to. What I find interesting is that christians don’t know how to talk to the Japanese or for better word, how to connect with the Japanese people.

How to Connect With Japan

I ask you, what would you do if someone came to your house and started talking to you about why you should vote fore a certain politician for election day 2016. Not many of us would be so inviting. First of all, you came into my crib and you don’t even know who I am or what I do. Second, I do not know you and I have never seen you in my life. Lastly, who are you to tell me what to believe in or who to stand behind?

I know all of us have been through this. It’s probably happen to you with salespeople, Jehovah’s Witness (God bless you), and random people asking for money for whatever reason they need money for. Right away, having someone tell me what to do or believe in is so annoying especially when you have no idea who I am.

I believe strongly that to have someone interested in what you have to say and respect what you have in mind you have to:

  • Respect their traditions
  • Understand they don’t want to be told what to do
  • Tell of your experience
  • Understand their background, traditions, culture and language


The Japanese people have a rich culture and history full of traditions that are not meant to be interfered with. OF course I believe everything you do should be done in Jesus name but that doesn’t mean you have the right to tell someone that what they’re culture has done for many years is wrong. For example, try to experience or observe their tradition. When you respect someones tradition it’s easier for you both to connect. You can ask about the tradition and why certain things are done a specific way. The respect you give is appreciated.

Sharing not telling

People hate being told what they need to do. I hate being told what I need to do. This is a more serious topic when it comes to religion and beliefs. Instead of telling someone what to do, explain your experiences with Daddy God and how he helped you get through or out of situations in your life. People enjoy stories and experiences more than being told what they need to do to live a good life.

Be open

Japan doesn’t need Christians trying to strip their culture away and changing the Japanese people’s customs to be able to worship or experience God. The Japanese people need to be understood and be respected for their culture which makes them one of the most unique countries in this world today. It is their culture and their people that make them the country that they are today.

Daddy God loves the Japanese nation and with open-hearted, loving and warm Christians I Am sure that the Japanese would take their time to try to understand and be open to our experiences with out Father. Connecting with Japan means experiencing Japan and its people. It helps to learn their traditions, language and history so that you can understand Japans citizens and the reason behind their life.

The festivals, government and history of Japan is beautiful and although there are some things that may not be in line with the teaching of Scripture not a single person can state their opinion about these traditions without saying they understand the meaning and purpose behind the customs of the Japanese.

I pray that one day Japan would have a widespread experience with Jesus that would be so enormous that the whole country would be shaken and would bow down to our Heavenly Father.

Tru.Works ask for your prayers for Japan. Anyone that has the same heart toward the Japanese people as Tru.Works does can contact us or write us at info@tru.works. We’d love to hear from you and listen to your experience with Daddy God.


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