Why Men Should Know Their Girl’s Menstrual Cycle Symptoms

“I’m on my period.”

Why Men Should Know Their Girls Menstrual Cycle
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I know every man can hear their woman saying this in her voice. The words, “I’m about to get my period” is another quote we give you as a warning that we won’t be our normal selves for about a week.

As controlled as we are about our emotions, during this time our attitudes are unpredictable. It doesn’t help when we have irregular periods and it is even worse when we give you no warning before our period comes but I want to help men understand that if you pay attention, it’s actually the same story every month (at least for most girls).

For the men who have regularly menstruating woman, you can either ask your spouse or download a period tracker app, or set a reminder or alarm to stop the monthly surprise of her period.

Keep in mind that even knowing the exact date of her period will probably be too late of notice for you because she would have gone through a week of mood swings by then.

It’s good to know the exact date that your spouse gets her period so that you can see how she differs from the week before menstruation and the week after.

Most women go through pain and attitude changes a couple days or a week before her actually period comes. I bet you didn’t know that. The week before her period she will develop symptoms that would let her know that she has not gotten pregnant and that her period will start in a couple of days. Some of the symptoms may include:

  • tender breasts
  • headache or migraine
  • soreness
  • cramps
  • back pain
  • loss of appetite or more of an appetite
  • diarrhea or constipation
  • and the oh so horrible bloating.

With all that above women also have to deal with life at the same time and put up with men all day. So excuse our attitude, we are completely uncomfortable for almost 3 weeks out of the month. No wonder women are so moody!

If you caught what I had written I had stated that most women are not their normal selves for three weeks out of the month.

Think of it like this:

Week one we are perfectly fine.

Week two we reach ovulation. This is when the egg travels through our fallopian tubes to the center of our cervix to become fertilized. During this week is when women are more sexually aroused and are hormones want us to get our bodies pregnant.

Week three, we begin our symptoms of not becoming pregnant. Our egg travels through the uterus and begins the process of menstruation.

Week four. While the egg travels now through the uterus, our uterus fills with blood and clots which give up cramps and a lot of other symptoms like stated above all prior to our period. We shed our blood which becomes our period.

Then, the cycle starts over again.

Your woman is not every woman

Not every woman is the same which can make things more complicated but if you took the time to ask her what she goes through during her period you may actually be a bit more lenient with the mood swings. Our period doesn’t excuse us to be rude to you, or disrespect you so please make sure you set us straight if we go too far but don’t forget to love us more or give us space if we ask for it.

Every month your coworkers, sisters, mother, aunts, and any other female generally over the age of thirteen goes through this process monthly until they turn 50.

Imagine that. Knowing that the same pain is coming back next month. It’s a nuisance but a necessary thing that makes us female.

If you’re also not looking to be a father, keep in mind a period is a reminder that you are not a father just yet and you can thank Daddy God for that!

In closing, take care of your female partner. Understand her period and her menstrual cycle. This will help you prevent fewer surprises in your relationship and make you a happier man because you understand your woman more.

You’ll know when her time is coming and when her happiest weeks are and when her uncomfortable weeks happen. You can plan ahead and buy her the toiletries she needs and possibly even get her a box of chocolates, candles, and bubbles for a bubble bath for her rough weeks.

You can thank me later!


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