Why Moving Back Home Doesn’t Mean You Failed

Moving Back Home Doesn't Mean You Failed Why Moving Back Home Doesn’t Mean You Failed

I’ve lived in New York City for most of my 20’s and I got to accomplish all the goals I wanted to accomplish in New York. It was my dream to live there and growing up I never wanted to ever go back to my hometown for various reasons but as time passes you change and evolve as a person and realize what was great about your hometown. Moving back home was a big deal for me because I always thought moving back meant I failed. But that simply isn’t true. Below I’m going to share why moving back home doesn’t mean you failed.

Moving back home means you can start over

In life, there will be many times where you will reset and start again. There’s a big misconception that you start your life and you have to keep excelling from there. For most people, this isn’t the case. You will restart, you will move, get a new job, try out a new business, and more. Some of these changes will end in failure and others will be successful. In my case, I started working at a great company and made it very far up the chain and increased my salary as high as I could achieve it.

The issue there was that I wasn’t happy with my job anymore. My hope was always to work for myself. I also wasn’t very happy with where I was living at. Before I left I did try to get a new job and had interviewed in many places but I didn’t want to work for anyone else anymore. So I chose to work for myself. This resulted in me having to start over again.

When I got divorced I reset my life and when I moved to New York City I began a new chapter. When I moved to Pennsylvania I entered another chapter of my life. Looking back I realized that I have “started over” again many times. That’s because I follow my gut, I follow God, and go with my intuition. To me starting over and resetting is good. It means you get to do something new and try again and be better.

Moving back home means you can be around the familiar

Home is the familiar. For me moving back to run my own business was crucial because I needed support from my family and friends. I didn’t want to have to develop new relationships in new territory. Besides making the move back home for my business needs I also moved back because I wanted to be around my family and friends.

I truly get a kick out of helping my friends and family and supporting people. I really want to be surrounded by the people I grew up with and be there for my sisters. Watching my nieces grow into being their own person is a great feeling. It’s also very important for me to help my family in whichever way possible.

In my hometown, there’s a lot of small businesses and my goal is to support them. I’m, looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and that’s always something to want to move back home for. I’d say moving back home to the familiar is a positive move. At first, I’ll admit I was dreading it but today I have no regrets.

Sometimes you move back home because you have to

Another reason to move back home is simply that you have to. My family had made an investment in a property and I believe it is my responsibility to help my family in making sure that it is successful. It really took me a few months to fully decide to move back home. I actually followed the steps in this article by Lauren Thomann to truly make sure I’d be okay going for it. This investment is what really led me to move.

Decisions take me a long time to make. It took me a few months to envision myself back in Pennsylvania. But that’s okay. Right now, as I write this, I know I made the best choice for myself. I can help my dad, my family, and reconnect with friends all while working on Tru.Works. There were a lot of worries in my head that I’d fail but now I know that I can’t fail. There are way too many people supporting me and expecting greatness from me. This accountability is what is motivating me.

If for any reason you ever have to start over or move back home I want you to consider it is a positive change in your life rather than a negative one. Moving back home doesn’t mean you failed. It can mean you’re starting a new chapter in the familiar.

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Danny Serna
3 years ago

Amazing, I am proud of you, and excited for the new season God has placed you, on familiar grounds. Where you may still impact those that you met in NYC. I look forward to see your growth with family, friends, your business, and in Christ. May God continue to bless your writing. Your not a failure you are an achiever!

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