Why New Yorkers Ignore Everybody

Why New Yorkers Ignore EverybodyWhy New Yorkers Ignore Everybody

Please leave us alone. If you’ve visited New York City it is mind-boggling how may people walk past you and pay absolutely no mind to you. The crazy thing is that all New Yorkers can spot a tourist from miles away and will do everything in their power to stay away from you. Not only do we ignore tourists but we ignore anyone and everyone we see. The reasons for the neglect toward all humans in New York City are multiple but on any day we will ignore everyone simply because we’re too busy.

We all love to help people and all but if you didn’t know New York City (which is not only Manhattan but includes the boroughs of the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island) has a population of in 8,491,079 by the U.S. Census Bureau which was taken in July 2014. For every square mile, there are approximately 27,000 New Yorkers. Alaska has only 1 person per square mile. Alaskans can help anyone they come across in the snow. New Yorkers sincerely cannot pause their lives for every person that needs directions on the street. That includes tourists, new residents or anyone who is lost.

If you’re dying or sick, we’ll help you out in a second but for the rest of you folks, we’ll keep our headphones in our ears and look forward with a stern face and brisk step to our walk. We have places to be and meetings to attend.

Visiting New York City and Being Ignored by New Yorkers

Now, if you’re planning a trip to visit the big apple as a New Yorker I personally welcome you to the city where all dreams can come true. If you’re unfamiliar with the boroughs, neighborhoods, and trains I would suggest reading up on tips online. Review the subway map (as much as you want to walk everywhere or drive, everyone eventually takes a train), learn the difference between the avenues and streets.

Brushing up on some fresh knowledge on the city will help you when you visit but it’s completely understandable if you get lost. Eventually, New Yorkers end up on a corner where they have no idea where they’re at. For the most part, when you ask nicely a fellow New Yorker will lead you the right way.

Here are a few tips on who to ask for questions or directions:

  • Ask people without headphones
  • Ask police officers who are standing
  • Ask people who are standing around taking a breather
  • Do make your question brief and straight to the point
  • Do say excuse me

When New Yorkers have extra time we don’t mind helping someone out. If your English is poor, speak slowly and ask a simple question.

I suggest carrying a notebook and pen to write down directions but you can also use your phone. When traveling, Google Maps app is the most reliable app when it comes to using our trains or getting around the city on foot. I strongly suggest having a backup charger for your phone in case you need to translate your question to us.

We love People But There’s Too Many of Them

Once and for all I want to state that New Yorkers love people. We do love our city and community and we admire that people want to visit our streets and enjoy our attractions, restaurants, parks, and more. We are a people who are shooting for our dreams and networking constantly. We pay high rents, taxes and walk so much. We have a momentum that’s hard to break and when you catch us on a good day we don’t mind helping out a fellow human in need. We enjoy the break from the rush of the city.

P.S. Please walk to your right side always, do not block subway doors or any other doors for that matter. Trains go up or down, either uptown or downtown, east or west, to Brooklyn, to Manhattan, to Queens, to the Bronx. Google Maps, Google Maps, Google Maps. Be constantly aware of where you’re walking. Alright, that’s my rant. I am done.

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8 years ago

I think this is what Ted Cruz was referring to when he mentioned New York values.

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