Why We Cry Sometimes

©Naomi August 2016
©Naomi August 2016

Crying is for the weak. I totally disagree. I’m a strong woman in the sense that I’ve dealt with a lot of bull. This may be an angry post for my readers. I’ve been robbed, stolen from, taken for granted, used for my wisdom and/or knowledge, forgotten, made fun of, and more, but I’m still living my life the best that I can every day.

There are many other men and women like me in which we’ve dealt with so much and haven’t become bitter toward people but there comes a point where the abuse is too much and I want my space from people.

When I cry, it’s because I’m overwhelmed by the amount of help asked of me. I love my friends and family but as an introverted person, it’s unnatural to me to spend so much of my time with people. When I need a break, I need a break. If I don’t get that break my inner stress will lash out.

You will see me become quiet and more to myself. I want space. I want to breathe and think about my own problems. Many can see me as an extroverted person, and in the way I act, it may seem that way but in actuality, I’m just not a shy introvert. Sometimes I have a period of just wanting to be alone.

Have you ever just cried because of how messed up things are? Right now I’m in a lull of just not knowing what I’m going to do next with my business or myself. After the election results and the latest release of the Podesta emails proving Hillary’s lies, my soul has been shaken.

There are bad people in this world with their own agenda. What if I am confronted with this? I’ve realized I’m worried about something that may or may not happen to me but it has left me with trailing thoughts in my mind. 

I think that when I get a reality check or my beliefs I cry out of distress and trying to sort things out and straighten my mind again.

I also think people cry because of pain or recent events to their family and/or their health. It can be overwhelming receiving bad news. I have luckily have never suffered through this, well if you count my parent’s divorce, then I have.

I also realized some people cry over just being tired. If you haven’t slept well for several days or are suffering from insomnia, just knowing that at then end of your day you won’t be getting great sleep can drive you crazy.

Crying alone feels horrible. When you cry alone you can talk to God but it can leave some things unanswered. I believe crying to God helps me out a lot and I also believe I can receive Word from Him because I am being completely honest with Him.

I also feel like we need to cry with our partner or spouse. Having someone there who can console you and help you feel human just gives a sigh of relief. I’m not looking of for sympathy. I just need someone to hear me and let me let out everything in my brain.

It could be that I haven’t been journaling as much. But I mean, eventually, we are all going to go through distress, hurt, shame, or confusion. Some of us handle things differently than others. My cause of pain is not having enough time to think for myself. Other people have different sources of distress.

I want to get through that crying is alright at certain times. Crying shouldn’t be used to get things your way but can be used to relieve yourself of unwanted feelings. It happens. Some people cry more often than others. Just because you cry doesn’t make you weak.

If you’re out there crying, crying alone, crying along with someone, it happens. Life happens. Things get stressful, confusing, your beliefs can get shaken, people will make fun of you, question your thoughts and ideas, and that means that you may cry. You may get angry. You may punch a wall. 

If you decide to cry don’t ever feel embarrassed, ashamed, or stupid. Some of us are more sensitive than others. It happens. Don’t let your cry become a permanent state of mind. 

Let that cry out, and then pick yourself up. The picking yourself back up is the hard part. Can I be honest, I haven’t been okay in 3 days. I have many things running through my mind. Last night, after finally crying out to my husband I was able to sort out my thoughts, ideas, and confusion.

Although I am still lost, I’ve decided that I’m not going to stay this way. I need to keep going even while I’m not okay. I can’t keep myself down, the world needs my positivity. I’m not living a life of my own, I can’t stay put.

As I brush off my tears I know that some of you can stand up too. Whether today is your day or tomorrow, please stand up again. You have come so far, and we cannot stop our mission.

Yessenia is a compelling and innovative program and operations manager who uses her 5+ years of experience in operations management and graphic design to determine small business needs in the areas of inventory costs, labor expenses, P&L, COGs, marketing, and graphic design to create and manage profitable plans for small businesses and individual projects. She is the Owner and Founder of Tru.Works.

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