Why We Millennials Procrastinate

Why We Millennials Procrasinate
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The younger you are the more goals you will have. In youth, we have aspirations and an energy to reach our goals that make us believe that anything is possible. Millennials, for example, want to reach the stars and shoot for the moon. We have access to do anything but it seems that we have so many choices and options to be whatever we want, whenever we want it can get overwhelming. I end up doing nothing at al instead of choosing at least one thing I can do for humanity.

Some history about myself, at 18 I moved out of my mother’s house and headed to college. Anything was possible for me to do. I believed I can be anything I want and decided to take my life into my own hands. I found that I wanted to be too many things. I was the first in my family to go to college and I was the oldest. I felt so much pressure to do or be somebody for my family.

I wanted to be a great student, a hard worker, and a traveler. Growing up, I only went on a few vacations. After my parent’s divorce, there were no more vacations. I remember that I wanted to go to Japan, learn Japanese, work out, make money and have fun. I wanted to make many friends and enjoy my life while conquering goals off my bucket list.

During college, I was able to go to the White House, visit beaches, and travel around the East Coast. I also got married and I have done so many wonderful things on my own and with my husband. I’ve also done absolutely nothing at all. All the things I did were great but they weren’t my underlying purpose. They weren’t enough to make me happy.

A lot of the adventures I had were, to me, a pretend way of making me feel like I was doing something worth my time but in reality, they were small vacations I saved up for with my husband that we enjoyed.

As a young person, small vacations weren’t enough for me.

I needed more and what I realized is that with everything I want to be or do, I needed one thing to be able to achieve these goals.

I needed money. I needed a higher income.

It’s possible to help the world with your time, but you can help out more people with money. It’s the way this world works.

A wise man once told me that I didn’t’ have to do everything now, I have time to do wonderful things and reach many goals, I don’t have to meet everything in my twenties.

This relieved me from sleepless nights where I had anxiety attacks while thinking about all the things I wanted to do right before I would go to bed. It drove me crazy.

After learning that I have many years ahead of myself, I took it upon myself to become at least a better person. I learned how to be a better friend and how to enjoy life more. Other people may get into learning new things like a language and history of another country, they may even want to help out following learning those things, which is all good but at the same time I’m the person who wants to walk the Great Wall of China, Meet Justin Bieber, and take a 2-month long journey to Japan.

How am I going t afford my goals? Where is this money coming from?

What I’m trying to say that there’s a lot of goals that we can all write down on paper but if we don’t make enough paper to support our goals we end up either dropping dreams that are big or finding a way to make enough income to do everything we want to do in life.

There are only 2 ways to go about it. You either shoot for your goals or make your goals smaller.

I want to say that as soon as I realized this I worked my butt off at what I did but I actually got angry and started to work less and wanted to volunteer.

What I noticed was that I was unhappy because I was poor and I was forcing myself to volunteer at things just to prove a point.

It is easy to volunteer time. It’s nice to do that once in a while but I want to make a radical change.

To make a radical change I have to have a lot of money. Can you imagine being able to go up to the mayor (or head politician) of Hiroshima or Nagasaki after its nuclear bombing and let them know that you hired a bunch of Americans and brought a lot of supplies to help with the aftermath of the nuclear bombs? That’s powerful. That to me is an unforgettable action.

You cannot forget what people have done for you. We all forget the words we have said.

I don’t think anyone actually did that but it’s a great example in which I could’ve bought my own ticket and went to Japan myself to help clean up and hopefully help the United States not end all ties with Japan but it wouldn’t be as powerful as having the money to help out these wonderful people with multiple people and at the exact time this event happened.

If a hurricane hit Florida today, do you make enough money to stop what you’re doing right now, at this exact moment, to round up people and travel to Florida with supplies and resources to help damaged communities?

We need to make an income to do these wonderful things, and I believe that the richest people in the world know this. It’s their reason they do what they do.

Having a goal to reach billions of people with wisdom and knowledge in how to do life to prevent a society from making lame mistakes is larger than having the goal of helping out at least one person in our lifetime. But how will I reach these people?

My own personal goal is to touch the lives of the Japanese people while learning their culture, language and history. I want to go for 2 months and eventually end up staying in Japan longer and longer.

How am I going to be able to afford this?

I can pray all I want but in the end to do big things you need to make a lot of money. Father God blesses those who work hard. He also doesn’t lay dreams on our hearts so that they don’t come true.

Why do you think Bill Gates is living a fulfilling life? He was great at working and creating with computers that he used that skill to create an income for himself. His income is so enormous he can do anything with his money. He has a foundation that does wonderful things for society and for his family. He’s grasping his goals every day and making thousands as we speak.

Once I understood that the people who truly reach their goals and travel the world make a great amount of income I wanted to do something big. Something inside me riled up. I want to do something great, not only for myself but to generate enough income to do all the things I want to do and to help out the people Daddy God has set in my heart. These people include my spouse, children, family, community and more.

That’s when I truly got motivated to work. I want to raise amazing children. I want to touch many people with kindness and laughs. I want to help the Earth with environmental issues. I want to do big things, not small easy goals that anyone can do. I want to be remembered.

That’s when I decided I needed to run my own business and do things for myself.

I needed to generate income.

I need to make money to do wonderful things.

This is why I created Tru.Works.

There’s no such thing as procrastination in my life anymore. I know that every second I waste is another dollar taken away from me and another life that I can touch.

The goals to travel the world and meet amazing people are still there. These humble goals are my innocence but I can’t do any of them without money. I decided to focus on one thing to bring income into my life.

I chose only one thing because when you focus on too many things you find yourself doing nothing at all.

That thing ended up being my small business. One day I hope to be as big as Bill Gates. Even though in my twenties I’m working instead of reaching goals I find that my goals become bigger and better.

I will enjoy the Great Wall of China at 40 more if I am generating many flows of income than saving up my pennies for a trip with a budget to go back home to pay bills.

I’m tired of thinking about bills and want to use that brain power to focus on helping myself and others.

I challenge you to pick one thing that can supply you with the ability to do other smaller goals. Get good at that one thing. Whether it’s writing or making videos, dancing, acting or whatever it may be but make money from it.

Save your money, stash it away and invest it.

Remember, you have all the time in the world to spend your money but you don’t have enough time to make it. Money is generated slowly but once you make it flow, money is attracted to itself and you’ll generate more, the harder you work, the more you perfect your talent, the more actions you can take because you have money to do so.

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