Why You’re Not a Failure

Many of us have experienced being called a failure at a very young age. As a child when you’re called a failure over something small, like not being unable to complete a Lego (R) manual, can later develop into feelings of inadequacy and insecurity.

The older you get the words that were earlier introduced to you in life happen to challenge you as your life progresses and your life challenges get bigger and bigger as you step into new ventures. Everything you try to accomplish you can feel the fear of failure grazing your neck and speaking into your thoughts. Almost everyone suffers some type of fear of failure. The fear of failure also has us procrastinate, make excuses, and is known to be closely linked to the fear of rejection and criticism from others.

Fearing failure is a normal thing humans feel but there comes a point where your fear of failure may actually stop you from completing anything that you want to do. In the article, “Overcome Fear of Failure” by Mark Tyrell, Mark states various reasons why you may have a big fear of failure such as:

  • being a perfectionist, or living with one
  • traumatized by what you considered to be an epic failure
  • incorrect belief that success happens with no or little failures
  • may not be aware that self-confidence is actually not true confidence. A truely confident person aknowledges that they don’t know if they’ll succeed but will handle failure when it happens

Personally, I know for a fact that my mother was not a perfectionist but she did like things her way. When she yelled for things to get done it meant she needed them done now. When I look at these points, I feel as if the biggest failure that traumatized me that I consider a failure is my parent’s divorce.

My parent’s divorce is something that I’ve written about here and there, and wasn’t necessarily my mistake but it’s the biggest drive for me to keep my marriage going. It’s made me make stupid, selfless, decisions that another person would consider something they would never do.

Growing up I always assumed that famous, rich, or very smart people all came from rich backgrounds who were just chosen to be that way. I Never knew that a lot of these people actually came from a poor neighborhood. When I was in high school, I was inspired by many of my teachers to become someone who was influential and to make money doing so. With this new goal, over many years, I surrounded myself with people who had dreams and goals and learned from them. This is how I knew that even if you are poor you can make something of yourself if you want to be.

With that being learned, I had no idea that these people had many failures before they made it to where they are at today.

Failure and success are what drives us to do or not do something about anything. You ever wanted to call a potential employer about how you did at the interview and where they are in the interview process? If you did ask, the worst they can say is that you did not get the job. Is that really the worst feeling in the world? What if we just forgot about failure and sucess and maybe just thought about living life with a goal? Whatever happens until then are just things that happen.

I think that once I started to look at failure as just a moment in my timeline and not my full existence, it made me realize that failures just mean that this wasn’t the direction you were meant to take. I’ll go a step further and tell you that God wants me to go another way or head in another direction.

Some of you may have “failed” and you are stuck in limbo. Some of you have a dream that you haven’t touched or that you are procrasinating on. It’s the itch that wakes you up in the middle of the night, and the the idea that makes you anxious. You may also feel pressured to have too be successful for others when in reality you need only to be successful for yourself and live your life for yourself.

There are times where you will fail. That’s the reality of life. You can find many testimonials on failure from the world’s greatest entrepreneurs on Entrepreneur’s website. Understand that failure is part of the experience of life. Bill Clinton was impeached, today he is still respected for being President of the United States and runs foundations and makes investments around the world. He may be known for his mistake but I hope that you can see that Bill Clinton did not kill himself, he did not stop living.

Today, Bill Clinton supports his wife with her campaign t be the first female President of the United States. No one is perfect, no one person can or will be perfect. Whenever you think you have failed it’s that moment where you decide t sulk and stay in failure or try again. Will you try again?

With Tru.Works, my biggest failure was paying someone to create a email newsletter when I did not need something so complicated to begin my emailing campaigns. I spent $200 on my designed email and it’s still not completed. Today I send out emails that are simple and just get the job done.

I’ve also tried involving myself in different investments that have never played ut well for me. Although I’ve gotten my husband mad because I spent money without return, I’ve also learned about these things and noe understand that I won’t get myself involved in these get rich quick ideas anymore. I’ve learned that with patience recognition and money will come.

There are days where I want t quit. There are many days where I don’t want to get out of bed in fear that Tru.Works will become nothing but I realzie that Tru.Works will be nothing if I do nothing with it. Tru.Works can and will be something because I’ll make it be something!

If you’ve been delaying your dream, If you feel stuck without any advancement, get up and try again. Sulk not another day and get up and try again. Try again. Be it that yu must try what you’ve done differently, try it again.

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