Women are Like Dogs

Popular belief would want you to think that women would be more like cats. Honestly, I see no way a woman can be like a cat. In general, people buy one cat. It’s usually a loner. When a household has multiple cats It’s rare to see cats hang out with one another often. They’re usually on their own and mind their business.

While I’m describing cats, cats actually seem to be more like men.

Social Dogs

Dog parks. There’s a bunch of them and they are made just for dogs. I have yet to hear about a cat park and let’s just say that if one existed it probably isn’t any fun to visit. Dogs must socialize with its own species. They enjoy meeting one another and from a quick sniff (of the rear) they give their greetings and are open to enjoy the rest of the day playing and forming packs with one another.

Women tend to be similar to dogs because they’re socially open to most human beings and with a quick hello we’re happy to prick and pick at an individual and get to know them. We ask questions like,

What are your hobbies?


What do you do for a living?

These simple questions open the door for women to get to know individuals and connect with them because for women, socializing is all about connecting with each other to make us feel less crazy.


If there’s a dog out there that hates to be petted I want to know him. I have yet to find a pup that hates to be touched. I find that when it comes to cats I’ll ask about petting a cat before I even think about touching them. Like a man, you don’t normally touch another man without getting to know them. I’m not going to say that you can touch any woman but I will say that I’d find myself more comfortable approaching a woman than a man just because of how society paints women.

As a woman, I like being hugged, I like when my hair gets messed with and I enjoy massages. These simple pleasures are also enjoyed by men but it seems to me that they’re less likely to accept this form f touch from their spouse or significant other than a stranger.

T get more into detail, I have tried to get my husband to visit a spa and enjoy a massage together. I actually tried to surprise him one day and he got quite upset because he didn’t feel comfortable having someone else he didn’t know touch his body. He clearly stated that he enjoyed my massages and that that was enough for him.

I’ve also noticed that when my husband finds a barber he likes it’ll take God’s own hand to get my husband to visit another barbershop. It’s not to say that men don’t like to be touched but that they’re not so open to be touched by a random stranger.

Following Direction & Leadership

Before I get attacked by feminists, I want to say that this following paragraph is based off of my life experiences and my personal beliefs, and not necessarily fact. Please, don’t email me about this. Now, Dogs love direction. They enjoy having a leader and following instructions. Now, dogs can take leadership positions in the household but that’s when you find dogs that live an anxious, fearful, and maybe even aggressive lifestyle.

Dogs that assume a leadership position in their household take it upon themselves to control their home and who they live with. This means protecting their owners and other behaviors that a dog who is a follower wouldn’t do. With this example, women can end up in the same place.

Now, if this wasn’t one of the biggest relationship issues we faced in America then I wouldn’t have anything to say about it. Think about the amount of women that complain about taking lead over their husband’s lack of leadership. This can mean that when a man doesn’t take charge in anything and everything from finances, church, the children, and anything in between, it then becomes the woman’s job to fill in her husband’s shoes. I believe women find an easier time following because we really don’t have egos to step on.

In my household, I have no children right now. It’s my husband and I. He realizes his weaknesses and his strengths. He’s great at making money and controlling the finances but when it comes to filing taxes or getting paperwork to apply for his passport he needs my help. I give my husband full authority over our marriage. I let him lead. I have never believed that a pack, which can stand for a business, family, or group, ever needs more than 1 leader.

One dog can guard the home, the other dog can protect the children, and another dog can fetch the paper. Almost like when my husband manages our income, I protect our children (I would if I had any), and I’d do the laundry one week. I let my husband let me know if he’d want me to do laundry one week or not.

In the animal kingdom, you must defeat the leader of the pack to become the new commander in chief. You’ll never find a pack of animals with more than 1 leader. It doesn’t exist. That doesn’t mean that leader (the queen bee in beehives) is always male but in marriage, I find that it usually is.

Women- great leaders, and followers

When a woman assumes a leadership position in corporations and business, I find that women excel greatly. In traditional relationships, when a woman has to take leadership in her marriage it can lead to fighting and arguing with her husband like two hyenas fighting to be the leader of the pack.

I can only count how many arguments my husband and I have had over finances and whose way of managing our money was better. At the end of the day, I’ve enjoyed my life more giving my husband the authority over our marriage. If I disagree with something I may bring up like a dog does when you pull him to go left while you walk and he stops and wants to turn right. It’s at that moment where the dog must decide to follow his owner’s lead or take control of his own leash.

When I had ever took authority over a project my husband could never let me have full control. It’s in his nature to lead. Now, when it comes to my small business he lets that go. He never gives his opinion or gets involved in my business. I totally appreciate that.

Women, like dogs, can follow direction like dogs without questions. I love that about being a woman. I’ll follow your lead and if you gave the wrong direction, I can’t be the one to blame.

Like dogs, women are vocal and social. We can talk our butts off when we choose to, and sit proper and wait if need be. We’re great leaders, yet humble followers. We can bask in the sun, and pull a sled over snow. We’re versatile. Unlike the cat- who leads his own, a woman can lead a pack and follow the leader.

Yessenia is a compelling and innovative program and operations manager who uses her 5+ years of experience in operations management and graphic design to determine small business needs in the areas of inventory costs, labor expenses, P&L, COGs, marketing, and graphic design to create and manage profitable plans for small businesses and individual projects. She is the Owner and Founder of Tru.Works.

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