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Yessenia created Tru.Works in 2009. Tru.Works was nothing but an idea without a concrete application. Yessenia wanted to actually get to know people but her shyness kept her from truly connecting with her peers in her younger years. From the moment Yessenia thought of Tru.Works to now, she took the time to evaluate herself and learn who she was as a person and where she fit in society.

Early on in Yessenia's life she had wanted to live independently in the hustle and bustle of the beautiful city of New York to challenge herself and discover her confidence. The harsh realities of New York City hit Yessenia very quickly. She had started from the bottom without a place to call home and eventually to living on her own and leading multiple teams and traveling the world. She wouldn't have been able to do it without mentorship, trial and error. Yessenia learned to not only survive in New York City but she surpassed survival and thrived.

It was her time in New York City where Yessenia learned what she actually wanted to do with Tru.Works and developed a concrete plan as to what Tru.Works needed to become. She felt as if the city grouped many people together instead valuing the individual citizen.

Like many others, the Covid-19 pandemic had also pushed Yessenia to make a change and to take Tru.Works to the next level. It was time to leave her position as a professional in a well-established company and to take the risk on herself and to form Tru.Works into a platform where she can help connect the local community she grew up in with each other.

Tru.Works is now based out of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania which is an up and coming small town in Central Pennsylvania. Yet, in this current political climate, Yessenia found that her small town was becoming more divided at a time when we need to be more connected.

It was this observation that Yessenia made when she moved back home that led her to move forward with the Tru.Works movement. Yessenia wants to keep the community connected. Her goal is to connect people with people

Yessenia strongly believes that the more conservatives and liberals actually sit down and talk to each other, the more we can understand each other.

"I hope that through inquisitive conversations, we can work together to create the change all of us truly want for our small towns. I believe we have more goals in common than not. Good people want to help the environment, equal human rights, and more and I know Lancaster, New York City, and the United States has more good people than bad. Even though we have more in common, where we differ is how we achieve the common good. We can't get passed the part of how we achieve those goals. But if we could learn to understand each other than together we can better formulate ideas to improve our local community."

Yessenia has experience in publishing, marketing, and management. Yessenia has managed teams, projects, and assists many small business owners in her local community in areas of project management, marketing, and art. Here is some of her work below:

Yessenia Project and Design Portfolio

It's time to step out of our local bubbles and reach out into other bubbles.

Contact me at my email I want to hear your story.

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Yessenia Matamoros, Founder

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