You Can’t Always Choose Your Destiny

You Can't Always Choose Your Destiny
Photo by Gloria Woods

Your Destiny Can Be Chosen For You

Many people have their destiny begin beautifully. Often we look at destiny as a beginning from a wonderful picture. However, my destiny began at the bottom. To many, it can appear as if their destiny may be something that they might never recover.

Certainly, on the night of October 13, 2009, the greatest tragedy of my life occurred. I never imagined that the Lord would transform this event into my destiny and a calling that I would share with others to bring to them freedom and deliverance.

I was a mother of three children who spent the majority of her life raising those children as a single parent with not much assistance from their father. On the eve of the events that would change my life forever, I would go to work like I normally would do, never imagining that the events that would unfold would be shared with the world. The time was about 5:00 p.m. I received a call from my middle daughter stating my youngest twin granddaughter was kidnapped. Shortly after that, I would be told by the County Investigator to meet him at my daughter’s friend’s home as there was an investigation into the whereabouts of my three grandchildren. The events would lead to the worst tragedy my family and I would experience. My daughter would be taken into custody and later be charged with the negligent homicide of my

My daughter would be taken into custody and later be charged with negligent homicide of my 18-month granddaughter. My two surviving grandchildren would be also admitted to the hospital for child neglect. As the night unfolds the events of this tragedy gets worse and my daughter, as well as our family names, are all over the media both locally and nationally. So the night we

That night we rushed to the hospital where my grandson has been transferred for child neglect and the next morning my twin granddaughter would also be admitted barely holding onto her life. However, because of the investigation, the local DCF would not allow me to see granddaughter as she is in the hospital emergency room. The next day we discover in the news that a missing child report had been issued only to later discover that my youngest granddaughter Myleayha Woods had died and my daughter was charged with negligent homicide and placed my granddaughter in the garbage can in her backyard. This became a big high-profile case and of course, the blame also dwelled on me as a mother by the authorities and the media. I went through deep depression and even discovered myself in the Stress Center.

Afterwards, I went through a deep depression and even saw myself in the Stress Center. Needless to say, this was a period of my life that I didn’t think I could ever recover from. Often I would not leave my home and close my blinds because of the embarrassment. In, the meantime I would visit my daughter in jail and her case lingered on for two years. As the process grew I found myself writing my feelings and emotions daily, this went on for a period of tw0 to five years. This process allowed me to develop writings, prayers, and feelings that developed to my first book: Broken Shackles a Mother’s Journey. As a result, it became a fulfillment of my destiny to reach out to the incarcerated and their families. This experience has helped me learn the power of God in the darkest situation of my life. But in the end, God gave me release, deliverance and ultimate victory and purpose.

Fr a more detailed story of my struggles and how my destiny was changed, you can purchase a copy of Broken Shackles a Mother’s Journey, on the Gloria Woods website.

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