Your Friend’s Jealousy May be Affecting You

Don’t Let Your Friend Take You From Your Destiny
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Have you ever read a post on Facebook of your friend complaining or giving their negative opinion about something you do, support or people you hang out with only to find that in a couple days they want to hang out with you or talk to you.

The worst part is they act like they didn’t write what they just wrote and even if it wasn’t about you, what they wrote offended you.

This act happens way more often now than it ever had especially with the rise of social media. Your friends act like they’re for you and then end up against you when you’re not around.

My friend, we wrote an article earlier on Tru.Works of this type of friend and we found that actually, they’re not your friend at all. They are a secret hater!

At Tru.Works we want to teach you to love your haters not hate them because you then become a hater yourself if you act the same as them. We need to continue to be the bigger person and love that person no matter what.

See, you can be doing great things and slowly you’ll see some of your friends become your enemy. It is sad but some of you may still go back to get their approval or try to fix that friendship. Let me know how that works out because most likely that “friend” will repeat that over and over again!

For that kind of ‘friend; you will never be enough. No matter what you say, do, or don’t do for them- it’ll never be enough. They’ll find a way to make you do more for them or have you do less or withhold your talent from them.

You can’t control what your friend says and do but you can control your own actions. They’ll keep posting things online as you keep posting your good works. They’ll keep talking about you as you keep doing great things.

You’ll keep going to practice, or keep shining wherever you shine at but they’ll always talk negatively about you or give you bad vibes behind your back.

It’s you, the artist, the actor, entrepreneur, the parent, the volunteer, the inventor, that your friend can’t get over. You have something they want and don’t possess. They rather you not have it at all if they can’t have it.

This is jealousy.

Your friend may not have always been this way, it could be just a seasonal thing.

This friend won’t work on honing his skills for himself, they’ll never step up to the challenge and will flake when it’s time to put on a show but you won’t flake, you step forward and perform! Keep it up!

Don’t let a so-called friend stop you from reaching your purpose. They’ll fade away while you paint your canvas with color and light.

Now, this person may have been your friend for a very long time. If that’s the case, then you can love them and stay their friend even though they act this way toward you.

Make sure that you don’t let them manipulate you and stop you from achieving the results you want and work hard for. Keep at it.

Jealousy in friends do happen and you must use your wisdom to determine if the friend you have is someone worth keeping or someone that will always hold you down.

This takes time and a lot of prayers. Patience is key when wanting to give grace to a friend who is jealous of you. Take time with that friend and love them like you always have.

Eventually, you may even have to confront them and figure out how to work things out between you both. Most likely your friend will deny any type of jealousy toward you and that’s okay. With your wisdom, you can still love them and grant them grace

You may need to move on from that friend. I know it’ll be hard, but it may be better for them not to be around you anymore and for you not to be around them.

If this is the case then it’s time to move your separate ways. Only you with God can determine what’s best for your friendship. But your goals should not be delayed to your friend’s feelings or issues. You can help them work it out, but you can’t stop living for yourself due to someone else’s issues.

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